[why] Do Not Google Brian Regan

Latest accidental news ingested…

There’s a new app in town…

Cocktail Beverage Party Calculator App…

“App lets party planners calculate how much alcohol they will need for their event…

App breaks the numbers down into categories: ‘Wine & Beer’, ‘Liquor Only’, and ‘Full Bar’; depending on the amount of fun you want to have the type of event…”

Are the Chinese sure they want to be the “new” us?…

do not google that guy…do not google brian regan.

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6 Responses to [why] Do Not Google Brian Regan

  1. rebecca2000 says:

    I am not googling it. I am not. I also just buy a but load (did you know that is an amount) of booze and never run out at a party. If I have left overs…how can that be bad?

  2. just a “brian-junkie”…
    not brian…
    your compliment made my day…

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